Booking Multiple Days

Although there is plenty of good fishing close to Santa Fe and Taos, there are times when it can be preferable to spend a night or two somewhere closer to where the fishing happens to be good. Less driving = more time fishing. Again, everything is highly customizable. Please look at my Useful Links page for information about food and lodging. I am happy to help facilitate in any way. For more info on each specific river please see my Rivers and Streams page.

James P. on ‘The Juan’

Multi-Day San Juan Trips

The San Juan is one of the West’s most famous tailwaters. In the first 4 miles of river there are approximately 15,000 fish per mile. It is not uncommon to catch many fish in the 17-22 inch range. It is located in the northwest corner of New Mexico and is about 3.5 hours from Santa Fe or Taos. One day on the San Juan often leaves people wanting more. Two or three seems to work well but we can arrange for as many days as you want to fish up there.

Hopper eating Brown

Multi-Day Chama Trips

The town of Chama, N.M. is a great jumping off point to fish a whole lot of water. There are 30 miles of the diverse and interesting Chama River, the Brazos, the Conejos, and a few smaller tributaries are just a short drive away. Staying in Chama can be a fun and productive few days. It is also possible to do a day trip to the San Juan from Chama.