Day Trips

Every Trip is Customized for you

For a full day we typically meet up between 7:30-8:30am and return by 5:00-6:00pm. For a half day we meet at around 7:30-8:30am and try to get at least three hours on the water and get back by about 1:00-2:00pm. For a afternoon half day we can meet around 12:30 and come back by 5:00-6:00pm. In some cases if you have a vehicle it is easiest to meet at the river. If not I can pick you up.

I offer a wide range of different fly fishing experiences and can cater the day to fit your needs. For more information on what rivers I fish, please look at the Rivers and Streams page. New Mexico has an amazing amount of quality trout fishing, however not all rivers or lakes will be fishing well at any given time. Conditions are always changing based on time of year and recent weather. I will let you know the best place to fish and we can come up with plan a day or two before the trip.

I am pleased to offer both wade and float trips. I focus mostly on trout fishing but there are opportunities for Smallmouth Bass, Carp, Pike, Largemouth Bass, Perch, and Walleye. There are all kinds of neat things to experience while in the Land of Enchantment and I am happy to share what I know with you.